Properties and advantages

Chemical Resistence

It prevents corrosion, which avoids additional costs for surface treatments. They can be manufactured incorporating an anti-UV ray treatment. This provides them more resistance when being installed in places with adverse weather conditions.

Mechanical Resistance

Fiberglass tissue enables to distribute the impact load along the material. For this reason, possible damages are minimized, increasing in turn the durability of these materials, not presenting risk of breakage or deformation.


Fiberglass is known to have great insulating properties. Electrical insulators, so as to avoid, for instance, lightning strikes. Magnetic insulators, so as to increase their range of application, and thermal insulators, to endure high temperatures and enabling their installation in industries and adverse ambiences.


The profiles, depending on their diameter, are highly flexible. Furthermore, they have no memory, so they recover their original shape immediately.

Low Weight

It leads to lower shipment, manipulation and assembly costs. This renders unnecessary the use of heavy loads or specialized machinery for their transport, manipulation and assembly. It means a substantial saving for clients.

Low Mantenance

Due to its insulating properties and mechanical and chemical resistance, profiles do not require a continuous maintenance. They are protected enough to endure weathering or installations with adverse weather conditions.

All these properties provide the profiles with great durability. This way, when having accomplished their function, they can be reused in other installations, which means a considerable saving for the client.

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