Fiberglass Special Profiles are really popular in the building sector, being mainly used as structural profiles. They can support heavy weights, even with long distances between the points of support. The most common uses of these profiles are: bridges, staircases, staircases with security protection, water treatment plants, walkways, structures for gratings and platforms.

REF Description Measure/mm Gr/M
PEV00-52 Fiberglass Hexagonal Rod 6 60
PEV00-05 Fiberglass Slotted Flat 78 x 7,5 1060
PEV64-02 Handrail Profile for 50mm Tube 1400
TDV40-00 Fiberglass Steps / Slotted Tube 40 x 32 700
TDV28-02 Fluted Fiberglass Step with Fabric 28 x 21,5 470
PEV00-25 Tool Handle with Two 2mm Slits 15 x 3 270
PEV00-26 Tool Handle with One 2mm Slit 23 x 13,5 443
PEV00-04 Baseboard Profile / Basse 150 x 3,5 1095
PEV64-04 Banister Profile 45 x 5,5 1585
PEV00-67 Coscel 40 x 30 973
TCV40-04 Fiberglass Square Tube with 29mm Hole – Fireproof 40 x 40 1992

REF Description Price
PSE02-07 Pultruded External Ladder **
PSE03-00 Ladders without Guardrails
Upright with U de 100 x 50 x 8,5mm
Tube Steps 32mm with a-slip
Handrail Guardrail 50 x 5mm
Ring of 700 x 50mm
Stainless Support
PSE00-02 Rhythmic Gymnastics Flag, 560mm **
PSE00-05 Volleyball Stick, 1800mm **

** Prices on request

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