Terms of sale

1. Prices

Our prices are indicated in Euros per meter (€ / m), excluding VAT and transport.
Shipping charges are included in the invoice, unless you indicate that you choose freight collect shipment with your own courier service.
If you need large quantities, ask for prices. We offer discounts depending on purchase volume.

2. Manufacturing and delivery deadlines

REF Manufacturing time
In Stock 5-7 days
Sin Stock 15 – 20 days
REF con “E” 20 – 25 days
Courier companies’ transit times vary between 1-3 days depending on destination. Both the manufacturing and delivery times are approximate. Therefore, for each order, a date will be confirmed.

Advance payment does not imply that the products will be shipped on the same day the payment has been made. This will be understood as an order confirmation. Said order will follow the usual procedure.

3. Items in Stock

The materials in stock are usually in 6-meter long bars, in white or natural color. At certain times, because of manufacturing residues, there may be smaller bars or in other colors. Check in each case.

In general, cutting-to-size is not charged. However, the remnants of the cuts of the items in stock are paid by the buyer.
When cutting pieces below 200mm, the price will be increased by 10%.

4. Technical Specifications

All profiles displayed in this list can be performed on any type of resin according to buyer requirements: orthophthalic, isophthalic, vinylester-epoxy or fire-resistant.
Likewise, all profiles can be manufactured in any of the three types of fiber work: fiberglass, carbon fiber or basalt fiber.
For profiles with specific color properties, resins, or other, it will require a minimum order. The amount depends on each type of profile.
Moreover, our materials can be manufactured with UV rays stabilizers on request of the buyer.

5. Payment Conditions

The first order, and orders below 300 €, will be paid in advance. For the following orders the payment conditions will be studied in each case as long as the order exceeds 300 €.

If you request a study of credit conditions, the costs of such a study, whether it is positive or not, will be billed to the customer. The amount of the study is 30 €.

In no case will the payment terms exceed 60 days invoice date or 30 with payday, by direct debit. Payment deferrals, as well as all delays in payments, will generate an invoice with deferred expenses or interest on arrears.

6. Minimum Quantities

Some products with no stock need a minimum quantity in order to be manufactured. In the price list, both the product and the order quantity needed to proceed to their manufacture are indicated.

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